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About Me

I am Catherine; the simple human behind these words.


I’m a Yorkshire based home educating Mum to one brilliant daughter, who you will see, rather cryptically, referred to as ‘M’. She’s not in the witness protection programme, I’m not trying to be celeb and she isn’t in any way affiliated with the James Bond franchise, it’s just how we roll.

I like many things including, but not limited to: badgers, origami, candles, baking, beautiful notebooks, elasticated waistbands, gardening, the Oxford comma, and strawberry Pop Tarts. I also dislike many things, such as heeled shoes, the cringey 'finger gun' hand gesture, swimming pool drains, and wasabi coated anything.

My intention in venturing into this little bit of internet is to refine my focus on certain issues throughout our home educating journey, and to flesh out some of the niggling thoughts and ponderful wonderings that rattle round my head at night. I’ll also share things that work well for us, in case these things could work well for other people, and sometimes that will include downloadable freebies (you're welcome!).

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